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IRC Home

“With integrity, I will strive to serve all your refractory needs”


Engineered Refractory Systems and Installations

Integrity Refractory Co. is a complete refractory contractor distributor. We specialize in meeting your maintenance needs. Installing all types of Refractories: Brick, Ramming Plastic, Castables and Gun mixes, Shotcrete mixes, and Ceramic Fiber Products. Furnace Parts and services: Thermocouples & RTD assemblies, Bare and insulated wire, NIST traceable calibration services, Protection Tubes & Thermowells, Head, Blocks and connectors, and control instrumentation.

  • Boilers
    • None too large or small (small package boiler up to large Utility boilers)
  • Incinerators
    • None too large or small (hospital incinerator up to large trash refuse incinerators)
  • Heat treats and Reheat Furnaces
    • Pit Style Furnace
    • Quench Furnace
  • Aluminum Foundry
    • Reverb Furnaces
    • Stack Melt Furnaces
    • Rotary Furnaces
    • Launderers & Troughs
  • Forging Furnaces
    • Gas Fired
    • Induction
  •    Corn Processing Dryers
    • Gas Fired

IRC Capabilities at a glance:

  • Total Relines
    • Demolition
    • Installation
  • Brick work
  • Pump casting
  • Gunning
    • Hot and Cold gunning
  • Shotcrete
  • Ramming Plastic
  • Fiber Installation
    • Stackbond method
    • Modules
    • Wall paper
  • Cast shapes
  • Fabrication
    • Access Doors
    • Guillotine Doors
  • Structural Repair

Industries Served:

  • Foundries
    • Ferrous
    • Nonferrous
  • Annealing and Heat Treat
    • Vacuum Furnaces
    • Car bottom furnaces
    • Box furnaces
    • Belt furnaces
  • Forging Furnaces
    • Box furnaces
    • Clam shale
    • Rotary hearth
  • Grain Processing
  • Hospitals
    • Incinerators
    • Package Boilers
  • Power Generations
    • Refractory Construction & Repairs in the Ash hopper, Penthouse, Baffle wall,
      Burners,  Misc. areas of the boiler